Meet Ackolyte

We're Building A Different Kind
of Consulting Company



Our Why

We wanted to build something new. Something unencumbered by the old ways of doing business. We've brought forward best practices and mixed them with innovative thinking. In short, we're building the company we've always wanted to work at. 

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Our Mission

Ackolyte harnesses the power of AWS to remove the technological barriers separating our clients from delivering maximum value to their customers.

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Our Vision

Ackolyte demystifies technology for our clients so they can change the world.

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Our Values

  • Be trusting, supportive and kind.
  • Take the time to do things right. 
  • Leadership is not a job title.
  • Hold strong opinions with an open mind.

Leadership Team

With deep experience building the nation's top cloud consultancies, our leadership team has a successful track record developing companies with responsible, sustainable growth that top talent wants to work for. 

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James M. Adams IV

President & Founder

James is a lifelong builder with a strong belief in the power and promise of technology. He has spent his career developing large distributed software systems, building hyper-efficient teams and pushing the limits of what people and technology can achieve together. James spent the previous decade building and scaling two Premier Tier AWS Consulting businesses. He created Ackolyte to be exactly the place where the most talented people in the AWS ecosystem want to work, with the belief that having the best talent would attract the best clients.He moved to the beach a few years ago in a failed attempt to take up surfing, but still enjoys the sand and sun when not actively falling off of a surfboard.

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Damaris Jensen

Director of Sales

Damaris is an award winning seller with a passion for mentoring, diversity in sales and teaching others how they can use technology to solve problems. She understands what it takes to solve problems and put people first. She is the mother of Pit Bulls, slayer of problems, conjuror of the masses, performer of the people, and supporter of democratizing technology. Damaris and her husband have owned several small businesses and brings her entrepreneurial experience to more deeply understand the needs to Ackolyte clients. In her free time, she spends her time exploring the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, traveling as much as she can, gardening and working on the never ending home projects.

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Kathie Kinde Clark

Director of Marketing

Kathie is an award winning marketer who was recently named to the Future CMO Watchlist from WSJ best selling author, Sangram Vajre. She first realized her passion for marketing when, as a young child, she tortured her parents with an analysis of every ad she encountered. In recent years, Kathie married that passion for marketing with her love of technology. She is a strong believer in lifelong learning and can be found on LinkedIn sharing her thoughts on marketing and business. When not immersed in all things marketing, Kathie can be found riding the roller coaster of being a Cleveland sports enthusiast, playing wildly inconsistent golf and attempting to take her photography skills to the next level.

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Dobroslav “Slava” Slavenskoj

Director - Cloud Migration & Modernization

Dobroslav "Slava" Slavenskoj spent most of his early life taking things apart and then making them work again. This quickly translated into a career in IT infrastructure that took him from the halls of academia, to the on-call life of fast-paced business, eventually leading him to the startup world, and subsequently being buried under all of the hats. He spent the last number of years applying skills from his past life in the AWS consulting space, building excellent teams that build excellent infrastructure. A lifelong skier, he finally escaped the city to the frozen wastelands of northern New England where he steadfastly remains, connected to the outside world only via a thin strand of fiber optic cable.

Ready to start your career at Ackolyte? 

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